WOD and Pancakes

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It’s Our 10-Year Anniversary

To celebrate, we’re having a WOD and Pancakes Event and everybody’s invited!

Have you got friends who could use some help with their fitness and nutrition? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to try a workout with us, but haven’t found the right time? If so, we’ve got the perfect event to connect us all:

We’ll be hosting a Bring a Friend event at 9 a.m. on September 30th at East Lansing CrossFit. The workout will be a fun partner WOD followed by a protein pancake and mimosa bar!!

This event is open to anyone you know. It’s perfect for:

  • Anyone who’s ever asked you how you got so fit.
  • People who’ve told you they “really should work out.”
  • Friends who are always asking for nutrition tips.
  • Acquaintances who have talked about losing weight, getting stronger or being more active.
  • Pals who play recreational sports and might want to improve performance.
  • People who used to work out but stopped for any reason.
  • Co-workers or employees who have expressed interest in the gym.
  • Parents and siblings who could use more activity.
  • Partners who have always promised to “check out the gym one day.”
  • Active people who are looking for more focused coaching and improved results.
  • Anyone you care about!
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